2014 March

Western markets watch out: next 5 years will see African, Brazilian, Indian, Chinese agencies gain traction in mature markets

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Richard Robinson forecasts a shaking out in Europe and the influx of new outside talent influencing the continent, in an interview with Advertising Week Europe. We kicked off this little #AWEurope podcasting shindig with Oystercatchers’s Suki Thompson. We continue to share their story with a conversation featuring Richard Robinson, Managing Partner. Like a 26.2 mile […]

The Changing Role of the CMO

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Change and disruption is the new norm for the 21st century CMO. The customer journey has changed. Talent needs have changed. The business landscape is volatile and uncertain. So, how are CMOs tackling the biggest challenges of our time? What do clients want and what keeps them awake at night? According to panellist Nigel Vaz, […]

Oystercatchers hosts “The CEO Interview” with Justin King and Martin Glenn, Advertising Week Europe 2014

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Advertising Week Europe brings together the glittering world of business leadership and influencers. We’re proud to announce that Suki Thompson will be on stage in discussion with two of today’s most successful CEOs:  Sainsbury’s Justin King CBE, and Martin Glenn , United Biscuits. In the run up to the event, Suki has been interviewed by Advertising […]